Whether it's for a Secret Santa, White Elephant Gift Exchange or Holiday Party Grab Bag, here are some great gift ideas sure to keep your gays happy this holiday season!  Whatever the situation, the holidays tend to bring out the inner-Santa in all of us. So, I thought it fitting to give you some sound gift ideas that’ll fill your gays with GLEE all year long. Hey, they don’t say "make the Yuletide gay" for nothing.

Holiday Gifts for your Gaytourage
All gays love their music – at the gym, in the car, at the club or at home belting it out like Beyonce, especially when they think no one is listening. Apple’s iPod shuffle is 2 gigs of pure musical bliss and comes in almost every color of the rainbow. If you order online, you can have it engraved with a personal message, recommended so those procrastinating crafty gays can’t re-gift it. Trust me, they’ll try. $49, apple.com  
For the LezBro
To explain, a LezBro is a straight (or gay) man who hangs out with mostly lesbians -- potentially someone hard to shop for. Have no fear, where there’s a will, there’s a way. A gift card to Gossip Grill in Hillcrest should do the trick and give your LezBro a night out with the girls that he’ll remember for the rest of the year – because it’s on you!
For the Drag Queen
This one was easy, thanks to Ophelia Later, my vivacious co-host on He Said / sHe Said, our twice-weekly online talk show that’s a little crass with a lot of sass. If there’s one thing not easy to find, it’s pretty girl clothes capable of covering man shoulders. A gift card to Ross (cross) Dress For Less will allow your favorite drag diva to step out in style without needing a small business loan to do so. 
Holiday Gifts for your Gaytourage
Jovial and cuddly, the Bears always know how to make everyone feel welcome, comfortable and part of the pack, er, den. And, they’re very thoughtful when it comes to giving. The bear community hosts a schlew of parties, events & fundraisers all designed with charity in mind. Knowing that, give your bear boys something they’ll love because it gives back: anIt Gets Better lapel pin. The pin, designed with the signature ‘bear claw,’ commemorates the Trevor Project’s "It Gets Better" LGBT youth suicide prevention campaign. $2 from each lapel pin sold is donated to the San Diego LGBT Community Center. $10 (includes shipping,) 
Butch or femme, lipstick or lumberjack, all the ladies loved them some L Word. When Showtime’s long running, acclaimed drama came to end, a collective cry was heard throughout the gayborhood. But, the L reemerged as The Real L Word, a hit reality show that kept all the drama, action, emotions and "love" in heightened form, enhanced by real-life characters and circumstances. First season DVD set is available starting at $27.99, amazon.com
Holiday Gifts for your Gaytourage
For the GAYmer
Yes, the gays love their video game consoles – I can be nerdy like that. What I don’t like: wires, clutter & video component mess making a living room entertainment centers look like a college dorm room. Enter the Wii Aperture, a fancy-pants storage tower with room enough to house a Wii console and all accessories, remotes, games and even the guitar. Now, your gay’s living space can still look like a West Elm showroom while keeping all the geeky gadgets still intact and at the ready. Wii bowling house party, anyone? $70
And finally…
For Everyone Else or Those Who Have Everything
The economy may have picked up for some, but for others – especially local non-profits – it’s still a climb out of the slump. If you can’t think of one thing your gay may want or need, do something special, make a difference and give a gift that keeps on giving…in their honor. Here’s what you do. First, research some local charities that do go work in areas you know your gays feel passionate about. Next, make a donation to that charity, in any denomination, in their name (no amount is too small). I promise, your gift will be remembered for years to come.
Here are but a very few local non-profit organizations doing excellent work in the communities they serve:
    Being Alive


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