With no TV and spotty internet reception (if you were wise enough to charge your laptop or phone), last night's blackout made it necessary to come up with an alternate plan for entertainment (and dinner). Walking around downtown, it was clear that a lot of people decided to hit the bars for a meal of hops & barley. With only a few businesses open, lines were long at Gaslamp Pizza (who managed to crank out pies from their gas ovens), Masala (who had their Taste of Downtown spread in chafing dishes on the patio) and Chocolat (where employees were scooping up gelato in the dark as fast as possible).


 Here's how a few of our friends on Twitter entertained themselves in the dark:

Put a pint of @cherrygarcia out of its misery :) @CaliforniaKara

We ended up dining complimentary & then spent a long night by candlelight with wine! @Italy_inspired

Lied around and watched a movie on my macbook! @JENKIM_SD

BBQ w/ neighbors + generator up and running + football game @ErinKnowsSD

Sat in R beautiful garden & looked at the stars.@TheRedDoorSD

SLEPT!! :) @blondefitness

Got to know my neighbors. Good times. @TRagland

Listened to podcasts by candle light with my hubby! @SpiffingJewelry

Drank beer and chatted with all our neighbors by candlelight. the power needs to go out more often!! @sunnyincali

We had a bonfire with friends, and the guys played poker by camping lantern. @Latte_Love

What did you do during the blackout? Let us know on Twitter @sandiegomag or leave a comment below.

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