Top Workouts to Lose the Holiday Weight

Orangetheory Fitness

Intensity in ten cities! Or, intensity in six San Diego County locations. During on of their 60-minute sessions, switch between the ‘mill, rowing, and weights/resistance. See your times and results on a screen, push yourself, and beat the person next to you. The goal here is Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption, so you burn cals even after you’ve left the studio.


UFC Gym’s Daily Ultimate Training class

Our writer called this 50-minute HIIT class "brutal, but efficient." She was red-faced and panting after just the warm-up. The recipe for the main portion of class? Rotate through exercise stations, cry, repeat.


November Project

Army crawls, burpees, and laps. It’s like you’re back in P.E., but your classmates are 20-somethings enjoying a free workout, each feeling a little peer pressure to perform, let’s be honest. You go home with wet grass all over you. Good times.


Rush Ride

The Rush Ride at Rush Indoor Cycling Studio (locations in Carmel Mountain and Bird Rock) doles out a good workout along with gems like, "Your body doesn’t know seasons or holidays. It’s your health. It’s a lifestyle. Be here today like you would if it was New Year’s Day."


The Dailey Method

Don’t let the pretty instructor fool you—her buns, and everything else, are made of steel. It’s a fun, fast course but first-timers might want to leave Dailey Express to the more advanced. Child care available at specified times. Special mention: We love the showering facilities! (More like a spa bathroom.)


Outdoor Cycling at the Del

Head to the Hotel Del’s Paseo Lawn for Beach Spin. Take in a view of the ocean (and sometimes dolphins) as you launch into a 50-minute class led by an instructor and music via Beats headphones.



In La Jolla and Solana Beach, this 40-minute vertical workout tracks and monitors your progress via sensors and iPads. Look for special classes like senior fitness and golf fitness.

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