A meeting of the world’s most elite technology, entertainment and design minds is coming to San Diego. Sort of. TEDx ­launches at Anthology November 8 as a spinoff to the invite-only global conference held annually since 1984.

After organizers of the original TED event started posting its presenters’ talks online last year, millions logged on and watched in awe as cultural demigods like author Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love), Hollywood producer J.J. Abrams and entrepreneur and author Seth Godin spoke on a simple black stage about humor, fear, synergy, creativity and ideas. With millions of visitors, the world was hooked.

To stay true to the original mantra, "Ideas worth spreading," TED authorized a series of spinoff events organized locally so more people could participate. San Diego – area organizers have lined up an impressive list of speakers, including James Fowler (who proved The Colbert Report "bump theory," that political candidates see a bump in the polls after appearing on the show), Tony Haymet (director of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography) and ukulele master Jake Shimabukuro, who was interviewed at the official TED conference in 2010. Each speaker gets a limited amount of time to take to the stage and, hopefully, inspire new ideas from those in the audience.

Sound cerebral? It is. Think Woodstock meets Facebook meets the United Nations. For info on San Diego’s speaker lineup, and to watch any of the presentations live, visit tedx-sandiego.com.  

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