Minet and Natalie Taylor are siblings, BFFs, and visionaries. They’re changing the way you shop and primp by combining a clothing boutique and beauty salon under one roof. And just when the Gaslamp’s fashion and beauty scene needed a makeover, enter the Taylor sisters.

San Diego Magazine: How did you get into the boutique business?

Minet: I have a journalism degree, but I never felt it was my passion. When my dad [Bob Taylor of Taylor Guitars] suggested I open a boutique, a light went on. I went out and got a second degree at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising and started working at Neiman Marcus in the Fashion Valley Mall. Eventually, I moved to Milan to study the industry first-hand.

Natalie: I got my degree in Childhood Education, but after living in Italy with my sister, I knew we should open this store together. It just made sense.

SDM: Why combine a hair salon with a boutique? 

Minet: My business partner and former boyfriend, Michael Lee, always dreamed of combining a salon with a boutique, so here we are. It’s a one-stop shopping-and-beauty experience. Women like it because it saves time. The male customers love it because they get a great haircut by a cute girl. The guys who work here are all cool dressers; they help our male customers decide what to buy.

SDM: Describe Dolcetti.

Natalie: We don’t want people to think of small stores as being so exclusive they can’t afford anything. We carry lines like Collective Concepts ($30-$60) all the way though Naven and Boulee ($200-$300).

Minet: We wanted to create a boutique where we would want to shop.

SDM: What’s essential this minute in fashion?

Minet: Anything over-sized. I love a big shirt. You can belt it, let it hang, let the bra show, wear it over leggings, skirts or shorts—big and baggy is in. Also, accessorize with lots of jewelry. 

Natalie: Don’t forget fun nail polish—purples or blues.

Minet: For guys, vests and cardigans with skinny jeans and a trendy T-shirt.

SDM: You grew up in San Diego.  When you’re not at Dolcetti, where do you hang out?

Natalie: Our parents’ beach house in Solana Beach.

Minet: There’s nothing better than a Sunday barbeque by the pool with all our friends and family.

SDM: What’s your best tip for having a successful business?

Minet: You must have phenomenal business partners like my sister and Michael. We’re like a happy family.

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