The famed masterminds behind Fluxx and Sidebar have finally released their latest innovation, an upscale hip hop nightclub. Last Friday hundreds of party people flocked to the corner of F Street and Sixth Avenue to check out what all the hype was about.

RMD Group is "redefining the hip hop experience" with F6ix. Having taken over the location formerly known as Sin, F6ix opened its doors this past weekend to celebrate its highly anticipated grand opening, hosted by Crystal Harris, a Playboy cover model who is also famous for being Hugh Hefner’s ex-fiancé.

The night got off to an awkward start when the fire alarm went off around 10 p.m., just as the early birds ordered their first round of drinks. But that didn’t stop the party…nor did the second false alarm an hour later. The fire squad hustled out of the venue as more and more club-goers shuffled in.

Packed House at F6ix Opening

left: guests enter the club, right: Crystal Harris

The 6,000 square-foot venue was packed by 11:30 p.m. and the line out the door remained full all night. Upon descending the long stairway to the underground club, guests were welcome to take photos in front of a red carpet style backdrop.

Packed House at F6ix Opening

The colorfully illuminated 50-foot bar was the center of all the action, surrounded by music-lovers dancing under shiny disco balls. And across from the bar stood the prominent stage, where the DJ played a mix of Top-40 hits, from oldies but goodies like Lil Jon’s "Get Low" to new favorites like Pitbull’s "Give Me Everything."

Packed House at F6ix Opening

Beautiful ladies in sequined tank dresses popped bottles for VIP guests at their plush, bi-level tables. These tables, lining the perimeter of the club offer VIP guests complete access to the boisterous dance floor. F6ix’s unique VIP tables also allow for more room to get funky. The booth cushions flip up for guests to dance on the platform and there’s even more floor space behind the booth, along with a spacious cubby for purses, jackets, shoes—you name it!

The downside: Just as you must go downstairs to enter, you must trek up a flight of stairs to exit. And ladies, you know how tricky that can get after a few drinks.

Are you ready for a fresh hip hop experience?

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