The Jessop’s street clock, with its striking gilded features and 22-foot stature, is a San Diego treasure—always there when you’re buying a new blouse at Banana Republic or sifting through the crowded food court in search of Cinnabon.

The clock was first installed more than 100 years ago, in 1907, at its original downtown location on the 900 block of Fifth Avenue. It has been moved twice since then: first, to 1041 Fifth Avenue, and later, in the mid-‘80s, to its current spot in Horton Plaza.

Soon, it will be on the move again.

The shopping mall recently announced it would not renew its lease with the Jessop family, which leaves an entire city of relocation opportunities.

Where should it go? Suggested spots include: the new central library, the Railroad Museum in Balboa Park, Broadway Pier, the Santa Fe Depot, and the airport.

A few ticking fun facts…

The Jessop’s street clock contains:

  • More than 300 moving parts
  • 17 jewels, including tourmaline, agate, topaz, and Jade from the Jessop mine on Mount Palomar
  • 20 dials, 12 of which tell the time in the major cities across the globe

The clock's machinery hangs an additional 12 feet below street level.

Here’s your chance to chime in: Where do you think the clock should move to?

Jessop's Clock Is Moving

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