Cucina Urbana’s Summer Julep

During Steamy August, drink like the iconic Southern writer William Faulkner, who preferred the mint julep. This summer at Cucina Urbana, the classic drink gets a lift from a dash of limoncello. Bartenders wet a sugar cube with a drop of bitters and muddle it with a handful of strawberries, a few leaves of aromatic mint, and crushed ice. Next, they add the limoncello and a few fingers of Maker’s Mark, and give it a vigorous shake. Out comes a slushy, mint-flecked fuchsia concoction with a hint of sweetness. Drink a few of these and you may develop a slight Southern drawl. 505 Laurel St., Bankers Hill, 619-239-2222,


The Penetrators

Hear This, Drink This!

They opened for the Ramones. Then Dick Dale opened for them. Their sweaty, frenetic live shows filled SoCal’s hottest clubs. Formed in 1977, The Penetrators emerged in an in-between era, their sound lodged somewhere between raucous ‘70s punk and tidy ‘80s New Wave, with wildly different influences thrown in along the way, from surf to blues. "They were ahead of their time," says Kevin Hellman, who runs the San Diego Music Awards, where the Pens will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award Aug. 8. The Penetrators play two reunion shows this month: At the San Diego Music Awards on Aug. 8 at Humphreys by the Bay and again on Aug. 13 at the Casbah.

Our Wish List

What could make America’s Finest City finest-er, right now?

» More kid-friendly bars a la Station Tavern

» A pie bar! (Pies-only menu, bar seating, fancy root beer floats)

» A Dean & Deluca downtown

» More bike racks

» More houseboats, like Seattle

» A modern, solar-powered, eco-chic, creative retreat in Julian that will make it the next great weekend getaway destination

» Salad shops (What Subway is to sandwiches)

» Fewer potholes (Just fix ‘em already!)

» Year-round lifeguards

» A Little Italy in NoCo

» A better Barefoot Bar in Mission Bay (What happened to the scene?)

» Late night cupcakes (Can Sprinkles in La Jolla stay open past 7?)

» More Peet’s Coffees (And the next one should be at Broadway and 8th Avenue)

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