Step 1: Choose a bitchin’ stage name "It should sum up who you are without giving away the farm," says Björn Türoque, star of Air Guitar Nation and author of To Air is Human, who, despite the latter title, cautions against using "air" puns. Local contenders Lt. Facemelter, The Six String General, and Captain Nowhere get it.

Step 2: Pick the right song "Anyone who chooses ‘Eruption’ by Van Halen has little-to-no sense of adventure or originality," says air legend Hot Lixx Hulahan. A winning song can come from almost any genre as long as it speaks to you, adds Türoque. "Just please, no matter what, don’t play reggae."

Step 3: Select an outfit that helps tell your story "Don’t just dress like Slash or Angus Young," says Türoque. "You’re not here to imitate guitar players; you’re here to be an air guitar god."

Step 4: Have a blast Hulahan offers a few extra hints: "Use both hands when playing, acknowledge the people who paid to see you, and have fun." Adds Türoque, "Beer helps, too." 

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