Alcohol Infused Ice Cream at Sè San Diego

Sè San Diego has done the unthinkable and made a scoop of ice cream during the summer even more appealing. Every Friday afternoon during July as part of National Ice Cream Month, Chef Anthony Calamari will be whipping up a new batch of alcohol-infused ice cream which will be served at Siren, the pool-side bar between 3 and 4 p.m. to kick off happy hour.

Like any good pusher-man, Sè is giving patrons their first taste for free. After that, most flavors are just $3 per scoop. Ice cream selections change weekly, so you never know exactly what will be served. Past flavors have included maple bacon with a bourbon glaze and soon-to-come options include tropical fruit flavors like mango mojito and bananas foster. Ice cream mixologist Leina Mori suggests 2-3 scoops for the ideal custom-made sundae.

I was lucky enough to sample four flavors: nectarine sorbet with basil and sake, blood orange sorbet with vodka, rum raisin ice cream, and hot chocolate ice cream, served with a splash of Chambord. The stand-out winners for me were the basil nectarine (so light and refreshing!) and the rich and creamy hot chocolate ice cream, but all of the flavors were delicious, proving that when you combine ice cream and alcohol, you really can't go wrong.

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