5 Instagram-Famous Pets in San Diego


thetuckerdoodle34.3K followers

Tucker is all about spreading the love with his hashtag, #ASmileforFatherTuck, a nod to Dad, Kevin Childre, a US Navy commander who died in 2015 following a bicycle accident. A bench is dedicated to Childre, or "Father Tuck," at Nate’s Point Dog Park in Balboa Park.


5 Instagram-Famous Pets in San Diego


lifewithlunia 15.2K followers

Follow along with this 17-year-old Holsteiner mare as she canters, snacks on horse-friendly cookies, and takes in the sunset with her owner, Andie Whisler, who runs a blog about horseback riding at lifewithlunia.com.


5 Instagram-Famous Pets in San Diego


macgyverlizard 186K followers

Watch a dog-size lizard eat hard-boiled eggs, wear themed pajamas, and snuggle with his owner. Most of the ‘grams are videos, so you can see him slither around in action.


5 Instagram-Famous Pets in San Diego


worried_cat_aka_bum16.8K followers

The handle refers to Bum’s unintentional anxious expression, a result of being cross-eyed since birth. Adopted from San Diego Humane Society, he’s often pictured with his feline brother and two canine siblings.


5 Instagram-Famous Pets in San Diego

Maggie & Orbit

maggielovesorbit108K followers

These stylish Boston terriers, who have snagged social media partnerships with Bai drinks and Kimpton Hotels among other brands, are jet-setters, having logged stays in Big Sur, Santa Barbara, and more.

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