I am one of the managers at The Waterfront Bar & Grill in Little Italy, so I’m biased about the topic. The Waterfront and I have always been fans of San Diego Magazine, but we were a little disappointed that we failed to make the cut in the Best Restaurants issue. A couple years back the editors named the Waterfront the best burger joint and we were ecstatic—we still have the picture of the magazine framed at the bar.

When institutions like Hodad’s, Rocky’s, and Burger Lounge continue to gain momentum, we feel that people are forgetting about how great our burgers are. We constantly try to improve our product … recently we began offering 1/4-pound burgers, with a brioche bun from Con Pane. Our burgers are exponentially better now, and I challenge anyone to say different. 

—Renato Santos

The Waterfront Bar & Grill

I loved the theme of your June Issue because it not only covered our best local restaurants, but you featured several articles ("Offshore Wars," "Hideaway Hens") that I hope will educate more people on the sustainable, local, and organic food movement. I am thrilled to see these stories in our hometown publications. Thank you and keep up the great work!

—Adrienne Gallo

Del Mar Heights

Off Shore Wars Raging On

Some fishermen are nervous about planned protections. But we’re talking about a tiny percentage of southern California’s big old ocean … Anyone that tracked the two year planning effort (which included over 50 public meetings and tons of back and forth) knows the network that got approved was a HUGE compromise for both sides. No one got what they wanted. Which I guess makes it good policy, right?

Studies prove that marine protected areas work to rebuild depleted fisheries, but they are not just about fish, folks! If you don’t protect the places where fish and shellfish feed and breed, and the things they eat, and the rest of the ecosystem, you can’t have a healthy ocean. And that’s why old-school fisheries management isn’t good enough. Haven’t we learned anything from past collapses? These place don’t belong to fisherman, they belong to all of us, and it’s high time they were managed for the greater good!

—SoCal Gal

All over the world, sport fishing is great near protected areas. Why do you think so many trophy fish are caught right off the closed area at Cape Canaveral? It’s common sense: protect some breeding areas and its good for fish today and fishermen tomorrow.

—SD Dave

Lavender Fields Forever

I read with interest "The Color Purple" as I had been a frequent visitor to this same farm when it was owned by Ellen and Paul and was called simply "The Lavender Fields." It was a wonderful place and I loved the entrepreneurial spirit of this couple. By the time I finished your article, I thought Alicia Wolff to be quite arrogant, as she made no mention of the fact that she bought this property when it was already a lavender farm and she gave no credit to the former owners. She said that she bought a "farm" and she "wasn’t even looking at lavender but she saw the potential." Ick. Ellen and Paul bought that property and started with hand cuttings, developing the lavender fields for 10 years before selling it. They also developed the labrynth on the grounds in addition to distilling the oils and creating lavender products of all kinds. Ellen and Paul also obtained the organic certification. It is disappointing to see such a self-serving article written about Alicia Wolffe. All she did was buy the place and change the sign.

—DC Woodley


@SDFoodTrucks: Thanks @SanDiegoMag for the mention in your current issue!! New trucks @bitchinburgers, @asianfoodtruck, and Lime’s also got a shout out!

@TheHendershotts: Just wrapped a fun shoot with the lovely @jockeychantal at @santaanitapark for @SanDiegoMag! Look for her in HBO’s upcoming series ‘Luck’!

@dani_nurse: @SanDiegoMag Love love love the mag and all the info it packs!


On page 65 of the June issue, for "Best Cheap Eats," Divine Pastabilities should have read "Devine Pastabilities." On page 28, in Noted "June and July" should have read "through December" in reference to the dates that Lead the Way Campaign’s door-to-door HIV finger prick tests will be available.

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