The Best Food and Drink Events in October and November

Feast in the Field

When: Oct. 10, 6PM-8:30PM

Where: Inn at Rancho Santa Fe, 5951 Linea Del Cielo, Rancho Santa Fe

Jack Ford of Taj Farms is one of the leading ranchers in San Diego, and has spent years teaching locals about ethical, humane, sustainable ways to raise food animals. He’s also a hell of a cheesemaker. For this dinner held in the orange grove of the classic property in the idyllic hinterlands of Rancho Santa Fe, he’ll lead a class about how to use a stone mill to grind your own grains or flint corn, followed by a three-course, family-style dinner from The Inn’s exec chef, Chris Haas. Dinner offerings will include a naan bread station, heirloom bean chili, ancient grain salad, grilled zucchini and lion mushroom tacos, chorizo spiced potato and leek flint corn polenta, roasted butternut squash and pumpkin mole, carne asada with chimuchurri, pollo asado, apple crisp chips, and citrus Temecula Olive Oil cake with berries. Fifteen percent of the proceeds go to SMARTS Farm, which helps kids learn about farming, nature, and sustainable life skills. 

Cost: $85


Califino Tequila Dinner

When: Oct. 10, 6PM

Where: Casa de Bandini, 1901 Calle Barcelona, Carlsbad

Diane Powers has been a force in Mexican food in San Diego for decades, helping develop Old Town and beyond. For this dinner at her Carlsbad Mexican restaurant, she’s hosting San Diego’s tequila company, Califino, started by two former San Diego Sockers players, Miguel Luna and Phil Salvagio (Luna’s family has been making tequila in Jalisco since 1975). This’ll be a multi-course dinner paired with Califino cocktails and tequilas neat, and food includes camaroncito (shrimp) quesadilla with mango salsa, carne asada with crab enchilada with jalapeño cheese sauce, arroz amarillo and guacamole, and a tequila gelato for dessert. Luna will be on hand to share his stories from a life in tequila, as well as tasting notes. 

Cost: $65


Revive Our Roots

When: October 27, 1-4PM

Where: Coastal Roots Farm, 441 Saxony Rd., #150, Encinitas

If local, responsible food is your thing, Berry Good Food is a hell of a resource for events. They’ve been connecting farmers and growers with real people like you and me, plus promoting sustainability, food justice, ecology, nutrition, etc. for over a decade now. Now they really seem to have found their real, experiential focus where regular people can get involved with local chefs, farmers, etc. Like at this event, an on-site cookout and party with Coastal Roots Farm (which takes up 20 acres of the property that the Leichtag Foundation’s developing as a cultural space). Some of the most sustainable chefs in the city will be on hand, including Andrew Bent (Lola 55), Phillip Esteban (WellFed), JoJo Ruiz (Serea/Lionfish), Davin Waite (Wrench & Rodent), plus two former Top Chef contestants, Dakota Weiss and Giselle Wellman, and a bunch more. Drinks by San Diego’s hard kombucha company, BoochCraft, and wine from grapes grown on property. It’s a sustainable event, so bring your own water bottle if you can. 

Cost: $95


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