Step By Step: Rolled Ice Cream at Bing Haus

Launched in Southeast Asia before it became Instagram-famous in the US, rolled ice cream is just what it sounds like—layers of ice cream rolled into thin chunks similar in size to rolls of quarters and then topped with anything from crushed Oreos to mochi. Here, Bing Haus owner Nancy Chi walks us through the creation process, step by step.

Step By Step: Rolled Ice Cream at Bing Haus

Step 1

"The cream base is our housemade ice cream with heavy cream, milk, and sugar, no artificial flavorings," Chi says. The mixture, like this green tea ice cream mixed with matcha powder, freezes once it hits the already-frozen plate, which is set anywhere from minus 50 to minus 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step By Step: Rolled Ice Cream at Bing Haus

Step 2

Next, they gently move the ice cream around the plate to achieve the perfect creamy consistency. "If you leave it on the pan too long, it’ll freeze and the top layer will still be liquid-y." Some flavors, like the strawberry and the cookies 'n' cream, also involve adding mix-ins at this stage.

Step By Step: Rolled Ice Cream at Bing Haus

Step 3

The perfect roll comes down to ingredients and temperature. "Too much heavy cream means the pan will freeze the ice cream much faster. If temperature is too cold, it freezes too fast and you can’t roll it."

Step By Step: Rolled Ice Cream at Bing Haus

Step 4

They use a spatula with a dented edge that makes it easy to roll the ice cream at a 35-degree angle. Do they enjoy all the Instagram attention? "We put the plates out there so people could have entertainment. It makes it more enjoyable for us, too, and allows us to be more mindful of how we’re rolling it!"

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