Takeout - Bulgogi

Bulgogi bowl at Common Theory

Sick of cooking? Order takeout! The SDM staff is sharing their recommendations, plus one expert’s pick, for where to get takeout this week in San Diego. You can satisfy your hunger cravings and help support our local restaurants all with one order, so dig in! 


Troy’s Picks

Name and title: Troy Johnson, food critic 

Mid East Market

Order: Locally raised grass-fed lamb, garlic confit, and zuuk (Mediterranean salsa)

4595 El Cajon Boulevard, Talmadge

Pete’s Seafood and Sandwich

Order: Shrimp po’boy

3382 30th Street, North Park


Marie’s Pick

Name and title: Marie Tutko, editor in chief

WetStone Wine Bar

Order: Chinese five-spiced pork belly and tropical sangria

1927 Fourth Avenue, Bankers Hill


David’s Pick

Name and title: David Martin, digital media director

Working Class

Order: Big ol’ pretzel and Salisbury steak 

4095 30th Street, North Park

Pop Pie Co.

Order: Classic veggie pot pie

4404 Park Boulevard, University Heights


Erica’s Pick

Name and title: Erica Nichols, associate editor 

Common Theory

Order: Fried Brussels sprouts and bulgogi bowl

4805 Convoy Street, Kearny Mesa


Order: Mexican chocolate ice cream

3450 Adams Avenue, Normal Heights


Timothy Parker’s Pick (from episode 205 of the Happy Half Hour podcast!)

Teriyaki Grill

Order: Poke salad

380 Third Avenue, Chula Vista


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