Everyday Eats: Flat Bread Pizzas from Sultan Restaurant and Baklava
Sultan Kebab and Baklava
Flatbread Pizzas: $6-$7
131 Jamacha Rd,
El Cajon

Let's face it, often the three most important parts of the day are breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And that's why here at SanDiegoMagazine.com, we're beefing up our food and restaurant coverage by shining the spotlight on tasty meals under $10. Foie gras and Kobe beef still have a place at our table, but these meals are so reasonably priced, you can eat them every day.

Flat bread pizzas have become quite popular and for good reason. Crispy crust, endless possibilities of toppings, and maybe even healthier than regular pizza...what’s not to love? If you love flat bread pizza, you should definitely give the pide at Sultan Restaurant & Baklava a try.

Pide is a Turkish-style flat bread pizza. The pide bread at Sultan is baked in-house, which you can watch from the open kitchen. There are four different toppings to choose from: karadeniz ($5; ground beef), kusbasili ($6; beef, onion, sweet pepper, tomato, parsley), kiymali ($6; ground beef, spices, onion, sweet pepper, tomato, parsley, garlic), and my favorite: karisik (pictured above) which is a combination of the other three ($7). These flatbread pizzas come out of the oven fresh and crispy and topped authentic Turkish flavors. They make a perfect meal on their own, or as a shared appetizer so you can sample some of the other delicious offerings. If you enjoy tea, order a cup of the complimentary Turkish tea, which is strong yet subtlety sweet.

Everyday Eats: Flat Bread Pizzas from Sultan Restaurant and Baklava

Before you leave, stop by the the bakery section, which offers Turkish delight candy, cookies, and their famous baklava. Rows and rows of fresh baked baklava in a variety of shapes and flavors will greet you. The cost is $10 per pound, so roughly about $1 per piece. The baklava are delicate, crispy, and sweet. I enjoy all the varieties offered, but my favorites are the chocolate and kaymak (Turkish clotted cream).

The staff here is friendly and welcoming, the portions are generous, and the food is authentic and delicious. So next time you are craving flat bread pizza, head to Sultan for some satisfaction.


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Photos by Jennifer Lee

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