Everyday Eats: Chinese Food Combos at Sam Woo BBQ
Sam Woo BBQ
Chinese Food Combos: $3.70-$5.95
7330 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.
Kearny Mesa

Let's face it, often the three most important parts of the day are breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And that's why here at SanDiegoMagazine.com, we're beefing up our food and restaurant coverage by shining the spotlight on tasty meals under $10. Foie gras and Kobe beef still have a place at our table, but these meals are so reasonably priced, you can eat them every day.

When I’m craving take-out Chinese food, my favorite spot for a combination box is Sam Woo BBQ Restaurant, a Chinese restaurant located inside 99 Ranch supermarket.

One of the best reasons to pick Sam Woo BBQ over other take-out Chinese options is the variety of options available (not to mention the fact that the styrofoam boxes are packed until they're almost bursting). Some of best executed items are the beef and broccoli, seafood tofu casserole, stir fried green beans, salt and pepper fried squid and orange chicken. Sam Woo uses the traditional Chinese method of cooking which uses less sodium and oil than Americanized Chinese cusine, which makes it lighter, healthier, and tastier.

All combinations come with a choice of noodles, fried rice or steamed white rice. You can get a one item ($3.70), two item ($4.95) or three item ($5.95) combination, depending on how hungry you are, and your stance on leftovers. The three item combination is a good bet because you get more variety and enough food to last at least two meals.

Everyday Eats: Chinese Food Combos at Sam Woo BBQ

While you're at 99 Ranch, wander over to the produce section and pick up some tropical fruit for dessert, or a bottled tea or aloe drink. The bakery section is also a great spot to stop for some bread, pastries, or cakes. Another option for cheap dessert is the pancake cart, where you can get a freshly made red bean or custard-filled pancakes for well under $1.

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