Drink This: Key Lime Pie and Meyer Lemon Meringue Martinis at Pacifica Del Mar

I'm a big fan of cocktails spiked with citrus and dessert, so there were two items on the drink list at Pacifica Del Mar's Ocean Bar that I had to try: the Key Lime Pie and Meyer Lemon Meringue specialty martinis. The key lime martini is shaken with fresh-squeezed key lime juice, Stoli vanilla vodka, and a touch of pina colada syrup, which gave it an extra, tropical kick.

My favorite was the meyer lemon martini, which contained a generous squeeze of meyer lemon juice, Russian standard vodka, honey syrup, and a fluffy topping of meringue foam. The bright flavors of citrus mixed with the sweet, creamy foam was the perfect balance of tart and sweet. It's tempting to say it was like a liquid lemon meringue pie, but the truth is, it was much,  much better. The secret to both of these drinks is the choice of citrus. Regular lemons and limes would be tasty enough, but using smaller varieties of these citrus fruits created a much tarter drink. You've got to hand it to managing partner Chris Idso for having the foresight to freeze cases of Meyer lemons last winter so this drink could stay on the menu throughout the sunniest part of the year.

Both drinks are $10, except during happy hour on Wednesdays, when they're a cool $6. At that price, you might as well try one of each.


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