Chosen Foods Makeover

It’s no secret that San Diego loves its avocados. Chosen Foods, our hometown purveyor of avocado oil, is now giving some of that love back.

Over the course of two years, Chosen worked with local marketing powerhouses Gestalt Brand Lab and Red Door Interactive to revamp the look of its avocado oil cooking sprays, salad dressings, mayos, and sauces. The new logo and packaging pay homage to the company’s roots, and it plans to introduce readymade guacamole and packaged frozen avocado in the future.

“The story of who we are and what we stand for hasn’t properly come through in our packaging and marketing,” says Chosen Foods CEO Gabriel Perez-Krieb. “The Chosen family is one part Mexican heritage, one part California spirit. This new look celebrates the connection we have with the land, the sea, the sun, the sand, and of course, avocados.”

Perez-Krieb says the brand has gone down many paths since it was formed in 2011 but has always revolved around innovation. Chosen has branched out into various markets, sometimes in unexpected ways (ahem, pumpkin spice cooking spray), and has amassed a cult following.

Now, the company is taking its transformation a step further and doubling down on its commitment to wellness. It’s converting the first floor of its headquarters on Hancock Street into a wellness center that will be open to both employees and the public this spring. Chosen’s Zuna Holistic Center will focus on energy healing and alternative medicine treatments in the $75 to $150 range.

“Zuna is going to be a place for the Chosen Foods family and the local community to come together, heal, and recharge,” Perez-Krieb says.

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