San Diego Bars Serve Up Spooky Halloween Cocktails


This Halloween, San Diego cocktail bars have outdone themselves, coming up with everything from to a boozy horchata—called, what else? Horrorchata—to a cocktail inspired by possessed Linda Blair’s projectile vomit in The Exorcist. So, without further a-BOO, here’s where to go for some boozy treats.  


Blood of the Scorpion @ 619 Spirits’ Distillery & Tasting Room: Blood orange juice, grapefruit juice, 619 Scorpion Pepper Vodka

Grave Digger @ Bankers Hill Bar & Restaurant: House-blend rum, muddled strawberries, pineapple juice, lime juice, orgeat, grenadine syrup, orange juice, activated charcoal rum float (available only on Halloween).


South Park’s Kindred just introduced a new cocktail menu and it’s perfect for Halloween — and for people whose wardrobes lean dark and monochrome. Good luck picking a fave:

  • Horrorchata: Bourbon, brandy, biscotti liqueur (yum!), Forbidden Rice horchata, mole bitters
  • Hallowed Orchard: 100 Proof Rye, smoked rum, sweet vermouth, Becherovka (a cinnamon-y spirit), baked apple bitters
  • Dream Reaper: Reposado tequila, green pepper punch, lime, agave
  • The Crystal Calls: Mystic rum blend, Green Chartreuse, honeydew-pineapple gomme, lime


On Halloween, Kindred hosts Night of the Attack of the Killer Astro-Zombies from Mars!, featuring three Zombie and Zombie-inspired cocktails


Horror films were the inspiration for Campfire’s special seven-cocktail menu:

The Exorcist (1973): Gin, split pea, celery, lemon, salt

The Lost Boys (1987): Jamaican rum, genmaicha, toasted rice, walnut, Curaçao, lime

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (1988): Rye, sweet vermouth, fennel seed, basil, oregano, Peychaud’s bitters

The Silence of the Lambs (1991): Cognac, Kirschwasser (a dry cherry brandy), allspice, lemon, sage, fava beans, and a nice Chianti

Scream (1996): Aged rum, burnt popcorn, brown sugar, egg, smoked salt

Drag Me to Hell (2009): Apple Brandy, Muscat, Amontillado Sherry, golden raisin, lemon, nutmeg, rosemary (inspired by a very Sam Raimi scene featuring an eyeball baked into a harvest cake)

Get Out (2017): Gin, Earl Grey, Froot Loops, oat milk, lemon


San Diego Bars Serve Up Spooky Halloween Cocktails

Mad Hatter grant grill spooky cocktails

Grant Grill continues its annual tradition with the Smashing Pumpkin martini, made with pumpkin- and star anise-infused 10 Cane Rum, Grand Marnier, St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram, saffron syrup, cardamom bitters, and fresh Meyer lemon. It’s served in a glass rimmed with spiced sugar and garnished with a wooden pumpkin ornament.

The Grant’s fall cocktail menu, available through the end of the month, is Halloween-appropriate, featuring cocktails inspired by the really-creepy-when-you-think-about-it Alice in Wonderland

  • Mad Hatter: El Dorado single barrel rum, vermouth, absinthe, lemon juice, apple, Darjeeling/Earl Gray tea syrup, and dehydrated lemon, served in a tea pot with an accompanying tea cup.
  • Queen of Hearts: Cognac Meret VS, Cynar, St. Germain, oleo saccharum, Beaujolais Nouveau
  • Alice: Nolet’s Gin, Cachaça, clarified lime juice, simple syrup
  • Cheshire Cat: Redemption Rye, Crème de Cacao, orange/lemon juice, Kasteel Belgian ale, dehydrated dragon fruit wheel
  • White Rabbit: Tito’s Vodka, Pavan (a delicious floral French liqueur), Calpico syrup, milk, melon radish garnish



You & Yours Distilling Co. recently added a seasonal food menu to their offerings, so enjoy your cocktail with a side of Delicata Squash Rings, a take on onion rings, served with pomegranate molasses, feta, and pepitas.

Drunken Pumpkin: Y&Y’s Provisional Gin, pumpkin, orange, cinnamon tea, oatmeal stout foam

Black Magic: Y&Y Summer Citrus Vodka, blackberries, black tea, lemon, activated charcoal, rosemary, Topo Chico


San Diego Bars Serve Up Spooky Halloween Cocktails

Buenos Noches at Curadero

Buenos Noches @ Curadero: Dorda Double Chocolate liqueur, vanilla simple syrup, Fernet, and Bulleit bourbon, garnished with a white chocolate skull

Danse de la Mort @ Bleu Bohème: 10-year-old tawny port, sweet vermouth, lavender bitters, Amaretto di Sarrono, fresh lemon juice, lemon twist

Hello Gourd-geous @ BO-beau kitchen + cache in Hillcrest: Bar Manager Simon Canalez used a classic flip as inspiration for this pumpkin spice latte meets eggnog cocktail.


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