Meet some of the local rockstars from the National Homebrewers Conference:


Kelsey McNair - a decorated San Diego homebrewer and member of two local homebrew clubs, QUAFF and CHUG. Kelsey’s already had a chance to brew and bottle one of his recipes in a collaboration with Ballast Point and Stone. At the conference, Hess Brewing was pouring their own collaboration with McNair, a Pilsner brewed with rye. (Read more about Hess is our July issue). McNair and his home brewery, which he calls North Park Beer Co., also took home a silver medal in the National Homebrew Competition for an Imperial Porter.


Jenniffer Chase - co-owner of

Blind Lady Ale House

was serving Tasmanian Devil, a low alcohol coffee beer brewed with beans from local roaster

The West Bean

, from their in-house brewing, Automatic Brewing Co. Word is that Blind Lady Ale House is looking at opening a second location later this year.




Colby Chandler -

Ballast Point Brewing Company’s

Specialty Brewer, a master of finding balance in unusual flavor combinations, poured a beer called Indra Kunindra, a Stout created in conjunction with homebrewer Alex Tweet. The beer, a winning recipe from

Holiday Wine Cellar’s

annual homebrew competition, incorporates madras curry powder, cayenne, toasted coconut and kaffir lime and is being brewed and bottled by Ballast Point to be released as the Escondido shop’s 46th Anniversary beer. 


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