Last Call

It’s a fact of life: Even kegs of the most delicious beers in the world eventually run out.  Most things are finite, and this column is no exception.

Over the course of the past four-plus years, I’ve been privileged to be able to cover the San Diego beer scene on a weekly basis for this magazine. All in all, I’ve filed 219 stories, each time hoping to bring an interesting perspective, to offer some sound advice, or to provide insight into some trending issue in the beer community. I’ve interviewed hundreds of brewers and beer industry players, tasted thousands of beers, sampled nearly a hundred pairing menus, and have visited every brewery tasting room in San Diego that’s been open and serving beer to the public.

It’s true that it’s probably not that hard to have fun when you’re spending all that time around great craft beer. But there’s no guarantee that the people you meet will be gracious, open, and generous with their time (and their beer). Lucky for me, the people I’ve met through the years have been all that, and more.

Overall, the folks that make our brewing industry run are not only unfailingly enthusiastic about sharing their passion for beer, they’re highly motivated to do what they can to get the word out to the rest of the world. And rightfully so. San Diego is one of the world’s most exciting craft beer capitals.

Perhaps more than anything else, I’ve been struck over the years by the overwhelming generosity of spirit I’ve encountered in our brewing community. This is the collegial spirit and camaraderie that has typified the industry since its earliest days, and it’s a core value that seems to animate everyone who makes beer in this town. As a beer writer, I’ve been fortunate to benefit from that generosity of spirit and, in turn, I’ve done my best to pay it forward by telling the brewers’ stories and celebrating the many achievements that have made San Diego the icon that it is.

I’m not going to stop writing about San Diego beer. In fact, I will periodically have pieces published in the print editions of San Diego Magazine, along with pieces in other periodicals both local and national. I’ll also continue to be active on social media and will continue working on the team that is currently creating Museum of Beer for downtown (stay tuned on that front).

So, thanks to all you readers who followed Behind the Brews through the years. Much appreciated. And, like they say in the tasting rooms, it’s been a pleasure to serve you.



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