18 Places to Drink During Negroni Week

It’s rare to find Negroni fans among non-bartenders. Equal parts gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth, Negronis can be a challenging cocktail for folks who don’t like Campari’s bitterness. It’s an acquired taste—but once acquired, you’re hooked.

The Negroni’s simple composition practically begs bartenders to riff on it. And riff they do, swapping out gin for rum or sherry or tequila. Though Campari’s a key ingredient, you’ll see versions of the cocktail that replace it with other interesting aperitifs. Same goes with the sweet vermouth—Carpano Antica is a favorite, but Carpano Bianco, with its floral notes, is really nice, too.

If you want to take a crash-course in Negronis, now’s the time. Negroni Week kicked off Monday and goes through June 12. Started by Imbibe Magazine four years ago, it pairs up cocktails and causes. Hundreds of bars throughout the U.S.—and dozens locally—will be serving classic Negronis and creative takes on Negronis with proceeds going to a charity of the bar’s choice.

What follows is a by-no-means exhaustive list of some Negroni Week offerings that demonstrate just how far the drink can go—and highlights the worthy charities your drink purchase will benefit.

18 Places to Drink During Negroni Week

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