How do you keep the keg party going post-college? For Matt Rattner, president and co-founder of Karl Strauss Brewing Company, the answer, back in 1989, was to make some beer. Here, his top 10 reasons for starting his biz.

Top 10 Reasons for Starting Karl Strauss Brewing Company

Matt Rattner

10. I had no job at the time and no idea how to meet chicks.

9. I couldn’t find good beer.

8. I wanted to build a brewing system.

7. My college buddy’s uncle was Karl Strauss.

6. To make Mom proud!

5. To throw a party for 3,000 of my closest friends (P.S. Beach to Brewery is coming back this summer!).

4. My hair metal band broke up.

3. To be part of a community I admired.

2. Free beer!

1. To pioneer an industry that is now 84 breweries strong!

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