Expert Advice: Wedding Cinematography vs. Videography

Jason Taylor of Taylor Films shares his tips about choosing how to record your wedding.

The quality of videography has come a long way since I started my creative journey back in 1992. Thanks to amazing advances in technology, we are now able to use cameras (HDSLRs) that can capture high definition images equal to those seen on your favorite television shows and movies. Since technology has evened the playing field when it comes to image quality, now the question is:  What makes each company different? The answer is simple: artistic composition and editing style, which turns videography into wedding cinematography.


When choosing a photographer there is a dramatic difference in quality between a $7,000 photographer and a $2,000 photographer. You can tell just by looking at the photographs which one is better. The same is true when you are looking for a cinematographer/videographer.   A cinematographer will be easy to recognize by the way they tell a story through their editing and shooting style, while a traditional videographer is not interested in taking the extra steps to produce something that is artistic.  They have a more simple approach--place the camera on a tripod and just document the day. For some, this approach is fine, but the trend has definitely shifted over the past five years to couples wanting an artistic interpretation of the day—not just footage.


The key to finding an amazing wedding cinematographer is to most importantly love their work. The second and equally important question is:  How do they capture it?  Taylor Films approach is to capture every special moment as it naturally unfolds while at the same time being as non-obtrusive as possible. We allow you to truly enjoy your day without feeling like you are on a Hollywood sound stage.  We take great care to position ourselves to capture the shot we need without drawing attention away from you, your family, and friends.   Our style is to blend into the setting while artistically capturing your most important day.



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