Expert Advice: Krystel Tien of Couture Events
Many brides in the early planning stages ask me, "What is the first thing we should do?" My answer: Establish a style and theme. While I know many would think: make a budget, find the perfect venue, or book your photographer, these are all things that should be done after deciding on your wedding theme.
The wedding theme will dictate the color palette, venue and vendor choices, as well as the story you want to tell. Create an inspiration board to help you along the way. When you can see it, it’s easier to create it. This will also keep you on track. Sometimes trying to bring in too many different elements can cause the story and personal reflection to get lost. With an inspiration board, you can look at every detail and ask, "Does this match our style and theme?"
We’ve worked with many different themes—from lovebirds to lace to wildwood ranch—and have found these weddings to be our very favorite. The number of choices for themes is infinite, so get inspired by your own interests and bits of bliss. Do you enjoy travel? Stack vintage suitcases around the reception room, create table numbers from old maps, and send invitations on postcards. A theme will help guide you in making decisions about the smallest details that make the biggest differences. It will also give your wedding a cohesive and consistent look.


Krystel Tien is owner of Couture Events, an event planning and styling company in San Diego.


Below is a vintage glam inspiration shoot by Couture Events.


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