La Jolla Vein Care

About La Jolla Vein Care

La Jolla Vein Care located at the Scripps Ximed Medical Center, provides leading-edge therapies for a wide range of venous disorders from unsightly spider veins to disabling varicose veins and venous leg ulcers. The most common form of venous disorder is varicose veins, characterized by bulging veins in the legs and in some cases, discoloration and cracking of the skin around the ankles. Those with varicose veins may experience uncomfortable swelling, aching, fatigue and heaviness in the legs. “Varicose veins are not always a cosmetic issue. Venous disease is a progressive condition, and complications may develop over time such as irreversible darkening of the skin, dermatitis and ulceration,” Dr. Bunke-Paquette explains. Fortunately, La Jolla Vein Care specializes in diagnosing and treating venous disorders. “Venous disease is a special condition that requires specialized care,” states Dr. Bunke-Paquette. “New technology has eliminated the need for traditional vein stripping surgery. Using ultrasound scanning and other advanced procedures, we are able to provide precision treatments that are safe, painless, and effective—all without surgery,” said Dr. Bunke-Paquette. She and her associate, Dr. Helane Fronek combine years of expertise with the newest technologies, making it easier than ever to manage vein conditions with minimal discomfort and down time. “In the last decade, the field of phlebology, the medical specialty that deals with the treatment of venous disorders, has experienced such exciting growth. We have treatments that are more effective and easier to go through than ever before and new research continues to uncover more information about why people develop vein disorders and how to keep our patients healthy,” explains Dr. Fronek. Both doctors are involved with teaching and research and committed to staying on the cutting edge of vein knowledge and treatment and so they took the added step of becoming Diplomates of the American Board of Phlebology, which required passing a very rigourous examination. Dr. Bunke-Paquette is a Clinical Instructor at UC-San Diego School of Medicine. She is also on the Medical Staff at the VA Medical Center. Dr. Fronek is a past president of the American College of Phlebology and an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at UC-San Diego School of Medicine.

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