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Dr. Juergen Langenbach and Dr. Lynne D. Thomas combine their German and American educations to create a practice dedicated to providing excellence in complete dentistry. Complete dentistry draws from different aspects, such as function, aesthetics, disease control and whole-body health. They approach each patient with a conservative philosophy to answer this simple question: “What needs to be done to make these teeth last a lifetime?” The goal for Drs. Langenbach and Thomas is preservation of healthy tooth structure. In this way, they create, protect or maintain a healthy, balanced bite that will provide stability and longevity. Individual needs may range from nothing to fillings, crowns, veneers, implant dentistry, Invisalign (the clear alternative to braces) or Botox to help with distributing or reducing bite forces. And the best compliment is when no one notices your dental work. The doctors don’t want people to compliment your dentistry, they want people to compliment your smile. Their results look like the smile nature should have given you. How can this be achieved? With the advancements in adhesive and digital dentistry (bonding and one-visit crowns) comes the requirement for additional education. The fact is, dentistry remains an ever-changing field. Without constant courses on new materials and techniques, a practitioner can fall behind in improvements or choices for his or her patients. Drs. Langenbach and Thomas are relentless in the pursuit of education to maintain their standard of excellence. Another aspect of complete dentistry is incorporating whole-body health. “For example, many people of all ages suffer from snoring and disturbed sleep patterns,” Dr. Langenbach explains. “We can assist certain patients with obstructive sleep apnea with special oral appliances to open their airways.” For patients with chronic pain, we have included the use of Botox for pain management and migraines. Come be a part of our dental family.

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