Career Changes

Dec. 2008: His real estate development firm went out of business

July 2009: Moved to Brazil, created a company and worked in real estate finance, acquisitions, and entitlements

Aug. 2009: Learned Portuguese, trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

May 2010: Planned to move back to U.S. and be unemployed for 6 months

May 2010: Was hired in 4 days by Kelly Capital

June 2010: Still practicing Jiu-Jitsu 

Bennett Goldberg, 35, Windansea

Acquisitions Associate, Kelly Capital

Career Changes

Jan. 2009: Laid off from a sales position in the landscape industry

Feb. 2009: Her husband suggested she get out her sewing machine

Feb. 2009: Sold a few bikinis online

Aug. 2009: Put on a fashion show downtown

Jun. 2010: Opened a Molly B Bikinis showroom in Ocean Beach

July 2011: Expecting a baby, due July 4th

Molly Goforth, 30, Point Loma

Owner, Molly B Bikinis

Career Changes

July 2010: Laid off from a downtown ad agency

Aug. 2010: Created a Facebook Fan page and Twitter account for her unemployment mascot, Sevy The Unemployment Elephant ("Sevy" for "severance")

Sept. 2010: Grew Sevy page as a resource for the locally unemployed

Oct. 2010: Managed a United Way campaign through the San Diego Ad Club

Mar. 2011: Landed a job at LEGOLAND

Leeanne Antonio, 28, South Mission Hills

Partnerships & Promotions Representative, LEGOLAND California Resort

Career Changes

Is Ambition Written On Your Face?

A person’s facial features can reveal the career he or she was born to do as each feature has a corresponding psychological meaning—so says the 2,000-year-old system of face reading. We asked Barbara Roberts, a former medical researcher at UCSD School of Medicine, to perform character readings of three famous San Diegans.

Kimberly Hunt
News Anchor on KGTV Channel 10

The two strong, circular lines framing her mouth reveal a highly articulate person, which is her main gift—great  communication skills. The rounded cheeks and chin area are reflective of feeling, warmth, and love of animals and children. Her visible eyelids mean she is action oriented. The wide mouth shows her generosity. Kimberly is a dynamic, focused woman with a warm character who can radiate calmness while conveying traumatic news stories.
Shaun White
Pro Snowboarder,
Olympic Gold Medalist

The combination of his huge jaw and large chin area conveys dynamic physical endurance and a love of competitive sports. Shaun’s thick hair indicates a love of the outdoors making the other two facial features stronger in their meanings. Large front teeth show a determined man who competes against himself. And the diamond shape of his face shows he is a survivor. No matter what the obstacles, he will transcend them. And in his own, creative way (according to the widow’s peak).
Darrell Issa
Represents California’s 49th Congressional District in the House of Representatives

The bigger the nose, the more financial wealth and understanding of money allocations the person has. Darrell also has small eyes (for his bone structure), which make him a man who sees details and doesn’t miss a thing. His eyebrows are low-set, which indicate he is friendly and easy to approach. However, they are also bushy, signifying inner intensity of purpose. His tall, wide forehead (like Martin Luther King, Jr.) conveys a thinker, a person who wants fairness for all.


USD Economist and media personality Alan Gin gives us the report.

Career Changes

The good news is that the job market in San Diego is showing signs of turning around. Unemployment has dipped below 10 percent for the first time in nearly two years and many new jobs have been created, both on a month-to-month and year-over-year basis. In April, the local economy was up 13,400 jobs compared to April 2010. There was growth in higher paying sectors. Health care was up 3,500 jobs, and business, scientific, and technical services were up 2,800 jobs compared to 2010.

The fastest growth however, continues to be in relatively low-paying sectors. Leisure and hospitality was the sector with the biggest growth over last year with a gain of 4,500 jobs as the local tourism industry began to rebound; while administrative and support services, including janitors, landscaping, and temporary workers added 4,200 jobs.

Jobs added since 2010, by industry

Leisure & Hospitality: 4,500 jobs

Administrative and Support Services: 4,200 jobs

Health Care: 3,500 jobs

Scientific and Technical Services: 2,800 jobs

What can we do to create more higher-paying jobs? Back in the 1990s when San Diego last went into an economic downturn, local economic development officials and government leaders focused on some key high-paying clusters in order to bolster job and income growth. Similar efforts are underway today in four areas: defense and technology, telecommunications and software, biotechnology and medical technology, and new efforts in "green technology." Some of the new green efforts include the manufacturing of solar panels by Kyocera and efforts to convert algae into fuel led by the San Diego Center for Algae Biotechnology.

Greater coordination between local educational institutions and businesses to provide the skills needed for new high-paying jobs could also provide a boost to the economy in coming years.

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