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Brian Watkins, one of San Diego’s most accomplished attorneys, represents everyone from professional football and basketball players to doctors and even fellow lawyers. "I feel it is a strong compliment that other attorneys have chosen our office when they themselves needed representation," he says. But Watkins also steps in on a pro-bono basis when clients can’t afford his services. Why? Because he believes everyone deserves the best representation possible. And that’s just what he aims to provide through his passionate commitment to aggressive and relentless advocacy. "I’ve been a fighter for people’s rights in the civil and criminal arenas for more than a dec-ade," he says. "We have the skills to level the playing field in a system that can place you at a disadvantage."

Watkins represents clients in cases involving white-collar crimes, fraud and embezzlement, domestic violence, possession and sale of drugs, and driving under the influence. He also handles probation violations and expungements. Watkins has fought for his clients all the way up to the California Appellate Court. Recently, he successfully argued in front of the California Court of Appeals, resulting in their decision to overturn the San Diego Superior Court ruling, drop-ping all charges against Watkins’ client.

In addition to defending criminal clients, Watkins practices civil litigation and often handles high-profile cases. He successfully handled the highly publicized "Bush case" involving Heisman Trophy winner and current NFL Player Reggie Bush and recently secured a half-million-dollar jury verdict against rapper Snoop Dogg and Doggy Style Music. "High-end clients know they can trust me to provide top-notch serv-ice and represent them in front of the media, maintaining their reputations while respecting their privacy," Watkins says.

He also represents those who are hurt in personal-injury cases. "Being injured can have a devastating impact on you and your family’s financial well-being," he says. "There is a system in place that helps compensate you for your financial losses and your pain and suffering when tragedy strikes, but you must know how to protect your rights. For well over a decade, we have been protecting people’s rights and securing top-dollar settlements and awards that fully compensate our clients."

Watkins doesn’t just win -cases. He changes the way we live. Most notably, his representation of a former NFL player shot and killed by law enforcement resulted in landmark changes in the use of lethal force by the San Diego Police Department. Now, the police now rely on nonlethal weapons when dealing with unarmed persons.

"I believe in representing my clients and the community at large," Watkins says. "When possible, I advocate to improve the quality of life for everyone."

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