That's What SHE Said: Welcome to the Playground

Just Mesa'n Around...

Last Friday? Moi? Oh, just hopped a Phenom 100 to Santa Monica to learn about the new company AgileJet, straight ballin’. Founder Patrick Ingram’s latest creation takes C-level Execs up in the air to understand how Agile, a competitive advantage framework, enables organizations to deliver business value sooner. From the boardroom to the runway to drinks at Loew’s Beach Hotel, Patrick schooled us on the concept of Agile. Brilliant really. Patrick has been transforming one of the world’s top 10 banks and the world’s oldest insurance market by having them adopt these new concepts. But this International Man of Mystery’s best line of the day… "I left my car keys in the jet." How do I get to go on these awesome adventures? I’ll never tell…


Upcoming Events (I’ll be at the fun table…)

  • Meet with… National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences
    NCATS, the newest addition to the NIH, will be sending a rep to Biocom for an overview, meet and great, and networking luncheon. Why are we big fans of the NIH’s latest branch? NCATS' mission is to speed up the translational science process. This means getting new treatments and cures for diseases to the people who need them FASTER! There is also an opportunity for individual companies to meet one on one with Nora Yang, Director of Portfolio Management and Strategic Operations. As Biocom’s invite states, "Translation is a team sport and NCATS wants to play." Welcome to the playground.
    September 17, 10 a.m.-1 p.m., Biocom

  • Temporal Dynamics of Learning Center: Neurogaming on the Mesa
    Calling all Neuro Nerds! The lovely Leanne Chukoskie brings a killer cast together at Qi in hopes to ignite collaboration. Their goal, to make "Serious Games." Serious? I can be serious… Ms. Chukoskie pointed me to a few of her favorite examples, Depression Quest and Crystal Island. Rockstars Ramesh Rao, Aaron Seitz, Fillipo Rossi, Tzzy Ping-Jung, Sheldon Brown, and Roger Bingham will participate. There will be talks of next steps and grant opportunities as well. 
    September 18, 8 a.m.-8 p.m., Atkinson Hall Auditorium

  • CONNECT Frameworks Workshop: Mergers and Acquisitions
    In the market for a potential sale? Acquisition? What about a merger? Blonde? CONNECT is bringing in Joe Davidson and Clark Libenson of Allen Matkins to help you better prepare and navigate your way to a successful transaction. This event will be at CONNECT’s new digs. Fancy. Rumor has it they’ll be whoopin’ it up late October para celebrar the big move. Always down for a good party.
    September 24, 8-11 a.m.


Food for Thought…

Good with names? Faces? Counting cards? DART Neurosciences in San Diego is testing our memory skills with their latest sponsored project the Extreme Memory Challenge (EMC). Check out this short clip introducing the EMC. They are looking for the best memory in the world. Porquoi? The research they are gathering is to develop a "medicine based therapy to rehabilitate circuitry in the brain." The hope is for long-term memory loss patients to retain their memories and be able to understand their place in the world as they age. The Extreme Memory Challenge is a way for DART to identify those with superior memory skills and do further testing to pinpoint if these smarty pants just might have some super sonic genes in their DNA. Think you can beat the reigning champions? Bring it. Nelson Dellis, 3 time U.S. memory champion.  James Patterson, words, names and faces specialist. Seriously? A man who can remember names? The more people that take the test, the more data DART Neurosciences has to move their research forward. Let’s help these people find what they are looking for. Take the challenge yourself. Blow it up on your Facebook or Twitter account. We aren’t all in a position to do the science, or donate the big bucks. This is an opportunity for YOU to help and potentially impact the lives of thousands who suffer from Alzheimer’s or Parkinson's. Take the challenge, spread the word, host a tournament… Now there’s a thought…

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