Insiders Membership Perks

Insiders is San Diego Magazine’s premium membership program that includes all kinds of great perks for only $9.99 a month. If you love to explore the city, Insiders is for you. Here are five perks that you could be enjoying right now.

1. Discounts and front of the line entry at San Diego Magazine events

Have you ever waited in a 500-person deep line before our annual Best of San Diego Party? Not as an Insider! Insiders get front of the line entry at all San Diego Magazine events including Brunch Bash, the Best Restaurants Party, Behind the Brands, and more. Plus, we frequently send out discount codes so you can save on tickets too. Our Insiders are our VIPs.

2. Eat and drink for free all over town

Discover a new restaurant every month as an Insider with our monthly happy hour. Enjoy hosted bites and drinks and mingle with other Insiders. We’ve been all over the city: Maretalia in Coronado, Hundred Proof in University Heights, STK in the Gaslamp, Cross Street Kitchen on Convoy, and Death by Tequila in Encinitas.

3. See a show, a game or take in the races for free

Since Insiders are our VIPs, when we get tickets for things, we pass them along to you first. You’ll receive emails and Facebook notifications when we’re giving away tickets for events, shows, Padres games, concerts, and more.

4. Watch a live podcast taping

We recently recorded our Happy Half Hour podcast in a private suite at Petco Park during a Padres game. Who did we ask to come along for the party? Our Insiders, of course.

5. Get free swag

When you join Insiders, you immediately receive an illustrated San Diego tote bag. But more than that, we give out swag at our monthly happy hours, during the holidays, and at events. Anytime we can hook our Insiders up, we do.

Are you convinced? Join here and you could be enjoying these benefits and more by the next time you check your email.

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