What is your favorite part so far about living in San Diego? The weather! I lived in San Francisco before. If you like sunshine, like me, San Diego is by far the best place to live.

San Diego’s neighborhoods each have distinct vibes. Which do you like so far? We live in the La Jolla/UTC area, and we like it because it’s private. Privacy is something we definitely need right now. I like La Jolla, but we might end up moving downtown. I’ve heard great things about Little Italy, so I think we will eventually end up there.

Have you found your favorite local bar or restaurant yet? We haven’t found our favorite bar yet. As far as restaurants go, we haven’t been out too often, but I am a sucker for good German food and beer, so I’m a fan of Karl Strauss.

How do you like the new gig as a correspondent for Fox 5 San Diego? I love working at Fox 5. Raoul, Shally, Erica, Chrissy — they are all so much fun! But the people behind the scenes don’t get enough credit. Leslie, a producer, is always looking for ways to get me more involved in the newscast. Rich, the boss man, sits down with me after every newscast and teaches me tips and tricks on how I can be a better correspondent.

What’s the status on wedding plans? Any favor­ite locations in San Diego? We know we want to get married, we just don’t know when! As far as a wedding spot in San Diego, I haven’t been, but I hear the Hotel del Coronado is absolutely beautiful.

Beach or bay? Too hard to choose. I love both!

Surfing or sailing? Sailing. I love being by the water, but I don’t necessarily want to get in it. I watch way too much Shark Week.

Tell us five things about yourself that most people don’t know.

  1. My full name is Alexandra.
  2. When I moved to California in 2006, I always said I would end up in San Diego, and here I am!
  3. I had my very first facial and professional massage this month in San Diego. I was so missing out!
  4. I was 16 years old on the first day of my first college course.
  5. I started wearing glasses when I was 2 years old (I had a lazy eye) and wore them until I started seventh grade at a new school. Since then, my eyes have completely corrected themselves.

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