North Park's Sea Rocket Bistro has officially shared the news about their new executive chef and partner, Chad White. Formerly of Roseville, White most recently ran his own catering company, EGO Culinary Trends, where he created and jarred his own artisan food product, Medjool Date Bacon Jam, and collaborated on food events with other local chefs including another Roseville alum Amy DiBiase.

White is joining forces with Sea Rocket's current owners, Dennis Stein and Elena Rivellino; the restaurant's current chef, Christy Samoy, will also be staying on. He'll make his debut at Sea Rocket's Earth Day Dinner on Thursday, April 21, cooking a $30 prix fixe four-course meal to benefit Chefs Collaborative. 

As for White's intentions for the Sea Rocket's regular menu, the chef intends to continue to focus on local and sustainable products, and proteins but will update the offerings, including some of the restaurant's mainstays—sardines, oysters and sea urchin—with seasonal flavors and contemporary cooking techniques. 

He shared a sample menu of what he has in store—a condensed and more focused listing that incorporates a larger selection of raw and cured fish, hand made gnocchi, fettucine and lavash bread and includes main dishes like albacore belly tartine with egg and tapenade and braised pork cheek with fava beans. 

The chef also hopes that the restaurant can eventually expand their lunch service to include weekdays.


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