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Better Together: No Need to Go It Alone When You Exercise!

Research confirms that working out in a group is a good way to go. Here are five classes to try at the YMCA.


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There’s nothing like a couple of 90-degree, Santa Ana days to remind us that another San Diego summer is coming in hot. Get ready for beach weather and all things summer by adding an extra workout or two between happy hours!

Good news: In the same way you can meet up with friends and socialize over excellent craft beer in just about every corner of San Diego, you can do the same thing at an excellent group exercise class at any of 18 YMCA locations!

Better news: Exercise classes are unlimited at the Y. You won’t pay by the class. You can choose from hundreds of classes every week. And while you probably have a favorite local brew, it’s fun to sample something new. Same with exercise at the Y. Find a favorite and mix it up once in a while! Check out the variety here.

Research confirms that working out in a group is a good way to go. “Groups make exercise seem easier, and workouts go by more quickly,” points out exercise physiologist Erica Moe. “Your outlook and mood may improve, too. And they’re fun!” Not convinced yet? It’s all about the “Four E’s”, Moe says.



The Four E’s

  • Experience: You’ll meet new people in a class. Enjoy the camaraderie of a shared experience. People who work hard together, play hard together.
  • Education: The instructor will deliver a safe, effective workout. You’ll get advice on proper form and technique, and tips on how to modify moves to suit your needs.
  • Enjoyment: Going out alone for a beer or to the movies? Boring! Go with a group and, voila, instant party. And, doing something fun like exercise in a group can build confidence and self-esteem.
  • Encouragement: We tend to be our own worst critic. Let go and use that energy to encourage others. The group encourages consistency and creates instant accountability partners.



Five Must-Try Classes at the Y


Choreographed to music, these popular classes from Les Mills utilize a barbell with light weights for an all-over workout. The routines change every three months, keeping it fresh while allowing you to learn moves and track progress.


Indoor Cycling

Weather, traffic, stoplights, wind or actually owning a bike — none are factors when you go for a ride in an indoor cycling class.

Stationary cycling is one of the best calorie crunchers, burning up to 466 calories per hour for a 185-pound exerciser, explains Moe, citing research from Harvard Medical School. That’s about 155 more calories per hour than outdoor cycling.

Check out the new Stages Flight classes at Mission Valley YMCA, where you’ll enjoy a multimedia experience in a fun, interactive environment.


Deep Water Aqua

If you’re looking for a great workout with no impact to your joints, just add water! Using a flotation belt in the deep end of the pool, you’ll find “you can’t out-push water,” explains trainer/instructor Kari-Lorraine Scott. "And people don’t realize that training in the water can transfer to the land.”



We have a former Navy SEAL to thank for the TRX suspension training system that leverages your bodyweight and gravity to perform more than 100 exercises.

Classes work on strength, cardio, flexibility and mobility, and you can modify any of the moves while you’re getting the “hang” of it!



This popular, Latin-inspired dance workout can burn more calories than cardio kickboxing, step aerobics, hooping and power yoga, according to a study funded by the American Council on Exercise. What’s more, people perceived the workout to be less intense than it actually was because it was so much fun!



Join Us Today

The Y’s all-access membership includes 18 San Diego locations and guest privileges nationwide. The Y even has group exercise classes that are fun for the whole family!

Learn more about membership at ymca.org.

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