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3 Misconceptions About Juice

Fact vs. fiction with Lindsay Nader of Juice Saves


Misconception #1: There’s too much sugar.

This can be true if you are gulping down pasteurized supermarket juice, juice from concentrate, or a smoothie with frozen yogurt or sorbet. You’re left with pure fructose, which is the kind of sugar found in fruit. Fructose is fine when consumed raw and in moderation—it is time-released energy. It does not spike your insulin levels, which is what occurs when you slam a sugary soda. Your liver goes into overdrive and your pancreas shoots insulin to help deal with the spike, and that’s when the sugar gets metabolized and stored as fat. Note: It’s always important to balance your fruit juices with low-sugar vegetable juices.

Misconception #2: It’s too pricey.

Eating and drinking healthy shouldn’t be costly, but it is. I guess you have to understand the value of cold-pressed, raw, and unpasteurized juice. The benefits far exceed the cost. A Coke is a dollar and our raw juice is $8. One is loaded with sugar, the other helps you to feel good and live a longer and healthier life. At my juice shop, we make everything by hand, every day. It’s a labor of love. Most San Diegans don’t think twice about spending $12 on a craft beer, and yet they are surprised, even offended at spending $8 on a raw, living product that nourishes them. It’s all about perspective.

Misconception #3: It’s just a fad.

With recent changes to the USDA’s age-old food pyramid, the government is encouraging a greater daily helping of fruits and veggies. More and more Americans are realizing the importance of eating well and educating themselves on what they put in their bodies. Cold-pressed juice is a form of quick nutrition. People live such busy lives that they don’t have time to prepare nourishing food. Cold-pressed juice absorbs into the bloodstream within 15 minutes. It’s “fast food.” Not many people seem to enjoy eating their greens, so why not drink them?  

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