I Tried It: Trampoline Cardio

By Christina Orlovsky Page, 38, Eastlake

Christina Orlovsky Page at Sky Zone

There’s something about a trampoline that brings out the kid in everyone. But I’m the awkward kid who never quite mastered the bouncy backyard ankle-breaker. Nevertheless, I’m always up to try a new fitness trend—especially one that can burn 1,000 calories per session. Offered daily at Sky Zone San Diego in Eastlake, SkyRobics is a 60-minute full-body workout with the added bonus of a fun, rebounding surface.

You Try It

WEAR SHOES. You have two options for footwear: Sky Zone’s wrestling-style high-top sneakers (free) or a reusable pair of orange Sky Zone socks ($2). The sneakers have a better grip for climbing the walls.

HYDRATE. Water breaks are key, so bring your own water bottle.

PREPARE TO SWEAT! Wear lightweight clothes. Well-endowed ladies might benefit from extra support (read: two sports bras).

The first class at Sky Zone is $5 with additional classes at $10 each or $50 for a 30-day unlimited pass.

I first attempted a weeknight class with congenial instructor Marcus, whose style was more soft encouragement than drill sergeant, which suited me and the other two newbies in my class—new moms looking for an enjoyable way to lose baby weight. Our first challenge was simply jumping from one square to the next, over the padding that creates a warehouse-size trampoline checkerboard. A warm-up of jumping jacks, sit-and-stands, and side-stepping led to harder stuff: mountain climbers and mountain twists, followed by literally climbing the walls. Later, there were more leg drills—one strangely resembling twerking—and finally, killer upper-body work that proved pushups are even harder when the surface pushes back.

Cue two days of Jell-O legs and sore arms.

Some classes are harder than others—a lesson I learned at my second class Sunday morning with Annalysa, when a dozen people of all ages, shapes, and sizes endured an hour of nonstop cardio, complete with full-court sprinting and a bouncy boot-camp style that one sweaty classmate accurately called a “ballbuster.”

Still, as awkward as it was at first and as cardio-challenging as it remained, I did improve from one class to the next, and it was hard not to smile through it all—especially watching the brave kids bouncing fearlessly across the room, no worries of falling or looking silly. That’s the kind of self-esteem you hope to gain from any workout routine. At Sky Zone, the sky is the limit.


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