Todd Coleman

The Life Saver

The Dallas native, MIT grad, and UCSD bioengineering professor (who dabbles in neuroscience) moved to San Diego in 2011, the same summer he debuted a miraculous little sensor that continuously monitors a person’s health and vital signs sans wires and big machines—and even the hospital itself. Pregnant women can be monitored from home, via signals transmitted to a smartphone. The thin, flexible sensor is completely waterproof. Docs are using it to monitor brain signals in soldiers with PTSD, infants in danger of having seizures, and a host of other patients in need of monitoring. The Gerber Foundation recently funded a project for premature babies with heart, brain, and lung problems. And for pre-term birth, monitoring with his sensors has rolled out in San Diego, with the goal of going international in developing countries—thanks partly to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which pledged $100,000 and is considering a $1 million donation in 2013. We’re sensing big things to come.

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