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Vintage San Diego: Bringing Sexy Back


Clockwise from top left: Bill Lukeman, Spencer Johnson, Dennis Morgigno, Steve Garvey, John Durant, Rob Quigley

By the Numbers

1,207: Number of consecutive National League games Garvey played during his tenure with the Padres and Dodgers

2014: The year Dennis Morgigno retired, after more than four decades in the news biz

60+: Rob Quigley’s Design Excellence Awards from the AIA

50 million: Copies in print of Spencer Johnson’s books, in more than 47 languages

No. 2: Spencer Johnson’s place on Amazon’s Hall of Fame list of its all-time best-selling authors (J. K. Rowling is No. 1)

0: Marriages for John Durant since 1984. He’s still single, ladies!

Back before final rose ceremonies were part of our dating lexicon, and meeting your next hookup was as simple as a swipe, San Diego Magazine published a steamy story about our city’s most eligible men in 1984, featuring the likes of starchitect Rob Quigley and former Padres first baseman Steve Garvey. (The headline appropriately read “Great Catches.”)

Quigley was photographed while windsurfing. He discussed his love of the ocean and beautiful women: “Being an architect, I am visually oriented, I guess.” Quigley later married fellow architect Kathleen Hallahan, and they now live in a building they designed together in the East Village.

Garvey, who was between his first and second marriage at the time, talked about finding someone “with a good understanding of who she is and what she would like to accomplish in life.” Garvey married Candace Henderson five years later, after a series of highly publicized bachelor shenanigans.

Also pictured: veteran local journalist Dennis Morgigno (he had a white 1974 Ferrari), ER doc Bill Lukeman (who was also a competitive bodybuilder, as evidenced by his spaghetti tank and supershort shorts), and photographer John Durant (who occasionally still shoots for this magazine). “I just pulled up with a couple of surfboards in the back of my convertible Mustang,” Durant says. “We didn’t have art direction or hair and makeup. It was just run and gun.”

Meanwhile, a shirtless Dr. Spencer Johnson in a hot tub (like we said, steamy!) would go on to author the best seller Who Moved My Cheese? in 1998. Sheesh, we should have snagged them when we had the chance. If only we had a time machine.

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