Brittany and Matthew Segal


Brittany and Matthew Segal

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Featured In 2012
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1. We told San Diego to keep an eye on you in 2012… So, what have you been up to? Brittany: In the last year, I have been very focused on my art work. I’ve traveled to New York and Los Angeles a few times for inspiration and actually had my very first art show in November in my Golden Hill studio—which, I have to say, was the best night I’ve ever had. My brother completed his first building, The Post Office in Golden Hill, and recently won an AIA award for it. He has also done a large portion of the design work on The North Parker, which our father Jonathan Segal is building.

2. If you were rounding up a People to Watch list for 2014, who would you include and why? I would include Mike Burnett and Craig Abenilla because they are doing amazing things that build small communities. I would also include Stephanie J Armstrong, who helps and mentors young woman and teens with bullying and young adult issues, and Chris Puzio, who is doing amazing sculptural art work around San Diego. Brian Jensen, owner of Bottlecraft, is one of the nicest and most down to earth people. He has created an amazing watering hole and is also part of Waypoint Public, which has an incredible atmosphere. Finally, Mauricio Couturier is one of the best restaurant designers in San Diego and is a power house team with his wife Gillian.