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a man in costume as the GrinchThe Grinch

LOVE HIM OR HATE HIM, it just wouldn’t be Christmas without the Grinch. Each year he brings his antisocial antics to the Old Globe Theatre for the holiday favorite, How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The whimsical production jumps off the pages of the classic Dr. Seuss book and onto the Globe stage through December 24. But even with a starring role (played by Jay Goede), it ain’t easy being green. —J. MAURY HARRIS


Book: Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas!
Candy: I’m not a sweet guy.
Car: My sleigh works for me.
Coffee: I’m already caffeinated.
Pastime: Stealing Christmas
Flower: Crushed poinsettias
Ice cream flavor: Garlic
Place: My cave
Possession: My dog, Max
San Diego beach: You have beaches here?
Christmas carol: “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch!”
Color: Green
Christmas treat: Who-pudding
San Diego spot: The Old Globe
Season: Winter
San Diego restaurant: Laurel
Superhero: The Green Lantern; I like his style.
Villain: Me
Store: Who-mingdales


Q: What do you want for Christmas?
A: To stop it from coming.
Q: What would constitute a perfect evening?
A: Being alone in my cave listening to the sounds of the Whos boo-hooing.
Q: Would you reduce your life expectancy by five years to become extremely attractive?
A: I already am extremely attractive. How can you improve on perfection?
Q: Do you believe honesty is the best policy?
A: No. I think deception is the best policy.
Q: What one toiletry item could you never live without?
A: Toiletry items? I don’t believe in them.
Q: What is your biggest pet peeve?
A: The Whos singing on Christmas
Q: When did you last sing to else?
A: I can’t stand singing, not even to myself.
Q: You scrape a car while parking, and no one saw the damage occur—— would you leave a note?
A: No. Would you, Mr. Goody Two Shoes?
Q: What comes to you naturally?
A: Growling and sneering.
Q: What would you be reincarnated as?
A: Santy Claus, probably. That would be just my luck.
Q: What is the worst advice you’ve ever received?
A: Have a merry Christmas!

Would You Rather. . .

. . . steal Who-ville’s tinsel and trappings or spend a quiet day nagging and napping?
Stealing is always good.
. . . stuff yourself with Who-hash or be involved in a sleigh crash?
I’ll take a good sleigh crash any day.
. . . eat Who roast beast or confess to a high priest?
I have developed a taste for Who roast beast; you really must try the stuff.
. . . babysit Cindy Lou Who or get a fresh, clean hairdo?
I have to admit, I really like that kid. I’d have to choose Cindy Lou Who.
. . . receive a lovely present or give someone else something pleasant?
I’ll refrain from answering that question. Who do you think I am, Santy Claus?
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