Best Sushi

Chosen by: Indiana, 4, Bankers Hill
hane sushi


Who do you go to the restaurant with? My mommy and daddy. What do you like to eat? Avocado rolls and egg sushi. Eggs—like Sam I Am! Also a California roll. And I like licorice. Do they have licorice? No. Do they cut up the rolls for you? They cut it up tiny as an ant! How do you eat it? I get special kid chopsticks. What do they have for dessert? I love mochi ice cream. My favorite is chocolate. They don’t have chocolate so I get strawberry.


Best Hike

Chosen by: Priscilla, 6, Vista
Oak Riparian Park


What’s your favorite thing about the park? The lake is my favorite. When I was little I used to go to the lake. How old were you then? Four or five. My other favorite thing is that I get to go across bridges. Sometimes I get to see fish in the water. What do you pack for the hike? I take a hiking stick, a camera, and some water. In case it gets hot, a hat. Who do you hike with? With my mom and Rebecca. She’s my sister. One time I went with my Auntie Jasmine, she’s 11 years old. Have you hiked anywhere else? That’s the only place. It’s down the street from my house. I think I’m done now.


Best Father-Son Bonding

Chosen by: Hudson, 8, Point Loma
HarborTown Pub


How long have you been going to the pub? Since I was six or seven. Who do you go with? I go with my dad and we sit at a table. Describe the inside. They have really big TV screens. We watch every kind of sport on the TVs. What color are the walls? Peach-ish brown-ish. What do you eat? They make the cheeseburgers and French fries and Shirley Temples. Are the burgers better than McDonald’s? Yes.

Rory and Riley

Best Hangout

Chosen by: Rory, 12, and Riley, 8, Mission Hills
upstart crow bookstore & coffee house


How long has this been your spot?  Since we were babies. Who do you go with? Mostly with our grandma.  What’s cool about it? There are tons of interesting books—the whole top floor is a kids’ section. Any good eats? They have snacks. They allow food upstairs. What’s the deal with the name? Upstart Crow was a nasty nickname for William Shakespeare. Really? Yeah. But no one even remembers the guy who called him that. Oh well.


Best Water Adventure

Chosen by: Griffin, 5, Point Loma
Splash Landing Pools and Water Play Area at OmNi La Costa Resort & Spa

What do you like about the water slides? I like the fast one. Which one is that? The closed one. What do you wear on the slides? I wear nothing. Nothing? I wear a bathing suit. How many times did you go on the slide? I went down 22 times in one day. Was the water refreshing? What does that word mean? Do you like to swim? A little. Were there big kids? Yeah. Lots. You have to be 48 inches tall. I was tall enough.


Best Sweets

Chosen by: Paige, 11, Carmel Valley
elizabethan DESSERTS


Are you an expert on desserts? I bake with my grandma. We make chocolate chip cookies. What’s Elizabethan like? The building is kinda small and usually there’s a line. You don’t have to wait long. Who do you go with? I bring my older sister. She gets the same thing as me. What’s your usual order? I have the toffee cupcakes. They’re chocolate cupcakes with toffee and hard milk chocolate on the top. How about the cookies? I like the toffee chocolate chip cookies. They are really big. They look it. They’re kinda filling. Do they ruin your appetite? Yeah. When do you go? Anytime I get a craving.

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