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Chargers: Love 'em or leave 'em?

We asked big thinkers from all walks of San Diego life what they think about the latest Chargers stadium drama


Are the Chargers an important part of San Diego’s DNA?

“As a multigeneration native of San Diego and lifelong fan, the thought of no Chargers in San Diego is something unimaginable. However, threatening to move the team unless hard-working people are taxed to build a new stadium so the owners can then charge incredible ticket prices on top of the HUGE television revenues they receive shows mind-boggling arrogance and greed. If anything, leave the Chargers’ name here and ship the Spanos syndicate to L.A.”
Paul Thomas, President and founder, Julian Hard Cider

“I think any kind of organized sport is critical to civic camaraderie. I grew up in several other cities and I couldn’t imagine them without a team. What would New York be without the Giants (we try not to speak of the Jets)?”
Marcela Escobar-Eck, Principal, Atlantis Group



Say we don’t build a stadium. What does San Diego look like?

“Without the Chargers, San Diego becomes America’s most beautiful little city.”
Erica Holloway, Principal, Galvanized Strategies

“San Diego without the Chargers would be like my house without a dog!”
Gary Weitzman, CEO of the San Diego, Humane Society


“An NFL team makes a statement that we are relevant and have enough influence to support one of the most impactful sports in the country. We would lose a piece of what brings people together beyond their neighborhoods or offices. The Chargers and sports in general supersede so many elements that keep people apart.”
Ryan Sisson, CEO, Moniker Group


Greg Ullery, Fashion designer, Riviera Clubra Club


If we built a new stadium, who should sponsor it with big bucks?

“GoPro (invented by a UC San Diego alum) has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? Or the California Avocado Association. Wouldn’t the Guacamole Bowl make more sense than the
Holiday Bowl?”
Kevin deFreitas, Architect


“Qualcomm should continue to be a sponsor. And they should stay away from national beer brands, so we can continue to promote our craft beer industry.”
Marcela Escobar-Eck, Principal, Atlantis Group


What else should we spend hundreds of millions of dollars on?

“Installing the SD Trolley to deliver San Diegans to places they actually want to go, like the airport, the beach, Balboa Park, UCSD, etc.”
Kevin deFreitas, Architect

“Balboa Park, which is desperately in need of a half-billion investment.”
Ann Berchtold, Founder and director, Art San Diego

“Business development programs to keep the geniuses we’re graduating from UCSD from getting poached by employers in the Bay Area and Seattle.”
Eric Busboom, Director, the San Diego Regional Data Library

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