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What’s that in
your pantry?
One expert
makes the
case for skip-
ping food that
comes in a box,
bag, or can.

Your body
needs seven
to nine hours
per night! Read
how to main-
tain good sleep
hygiene and
get your rest.

Three locals slim
down and in the
meantime, cure
their diabetes,
find confidence,
and fall in love
with fitness.

It’s impossible
to get bored with
exercise in this
got Capoeira,
BodyROK, and
laughter yoga.

Fox 5’s Loren
tells us how he
made lemon-
ade when life
gave him a big
fat lemon.



Six current fitness trends to help you shed weight, gain confidence, and feel happier

Buti Fitness

WHO GOES: For the Yoga-lates and Pure Barre good-time gals

THE VITALS: Created by LA-based fitness guru Bizzie Gold, it’s a combo of dance, yoga, and plyometrics (repeated and rapid stretching and contracting of muscles) to achieve long, lean muscle tone. Actress and recent Shape cover model Jennifer Love Hewitt credited the workout for her new bikini bod.

GET THERE: Plans are in the works for San Diego teacher training, to be held at Yoga Tropics in P.B., June 8 and 9. Visit for more info.


WHO GOES: For the adrenaline junkies who want a great workout—without realizing it’s a workout

THE VITALS: Prepare for 60 minutes of bouncing on wall-to-wall trampolines, with calisthenics, core, and strength training via medicine balls weaved in. SkyRobics is a high-energy workout that’s easy on the joints and claims to burn 1,000 calories per hour. Your cheeks will hurt from smiling so much, and you’ll get skinnier in the process.

GET THERE: Mondays and Wednesdays at noon at the Sky Zone in Eastlake: 851 Showroom Place, Chula Vista


WHO GOES: For the Lululemon crowd ready to take Pilates to the next level

THE VITALS: A quick, intense 40-minute workout on souped-up Proformers—what we call “the Ferrari of reformers.” Sculpting exercises target the core and other muscle groups, one body part at a time, until fatigue. BodyROK also offers spin and combo sculpt-spin classes. Small class sizes force you to bond, since you’re all suffering together.

GET THERE: Locations in North Park and Solana Beach. Additional locations in downtown and Carmel Valley coming soon. Reserve space online:


WHO GOES: For the former athletes who want to rediscover their six packs

THE VITALS: Fitness with a cult following! Expect a series of intense strength and conditioning exercises executed at a fast pace (about 20 minutes) and varied in such a way that you rarely do the same workout twice. Performance is scored to promote competition and track individual progress. Top scorers compete in the annual CrossFit Games on ESPN.

GET THERE: There are tons of CrossFit affiliates in San Diego—it’s like the Starbucks of gyms! Visit to find the nearest location. The program also offers nutrition and lifestyle recommendations.


WHO GOES: For the yogi, aspiring B-boy, martial-arts lover, or any man who wears a ponytail

THE VITALS: Is it karate? Is it dancing? We’re not sure, but you better take it seriously, as the instructors demand respect for this Brazilian art form, developed by African slaves. It will also make you sore in muscles you never knew you had! The barefoot workout involves a series of challenging movements (think cartwheels and roundhouse kicks), performed to live music.

GET THERE: Capoeira Mandinga San Diego (3780 Hancock Street) and Capoeira Brasil San Diego (2590 Truxton Road, Liberty Station) offer classes daily. Local gyms like Fit Athletic Club also offer classes (350 10th Avenue).

Laughter Yoga

WHO GOES: For the stress case who never gets outside (time to lighten up already!)

THE VITALS: Research shows that laughter can improve overall health, fight depression, and decrease stress levels and pain. This gentle workout, combined with light stretching and movement, is great for all skill levels. Forced laughing might feel awkward at first, but it quickly turns to genuine laughter, and the exercise changes your body from the inside out.

GET THERE: Classes are Saturdays at 9:30 a.m. in Balboa Park, in the grassy area south of the playground at Sixth Avenue and Spruce Street. You can also attend classes via phone. Most classes are offered for free!


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