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Expert Advice: Dirty Bird Band

Expert Advice: Dirty Bird Band

One way to really stick your signature on your wedding day is through the music you choose to incorporate both at your ceremony and reception. We got together with San Diego native Kurt Davidson from Dirty Bird Band, to see what he had to say about choosing music for your Big Day.

Your wedding day, one of the most significant days of your life, presents the opportunity to incorporate music that is both reminiscent from times past, and reflective of the relationships between you and your fiancé, family, and friends. Kurt reminds brides and grooms alike to “take the time to make a list of the important songs of your life: fun songs, party songs, and lovey-dovey slow songs.  Even if your wedding is a year from now, start comprising a list of the songs that move you, remind you of nostalgic memories, or bring back good times with friends.  Whether you have a DJ or band playing at your reception, make sure you share this list with your music vendor.  From your first dance, to the father-daughter dance, to the wedding party grand entrance, all of these moments will be memorable to you and your guests.” This is a great opportunity to make the special moments of your reception personal with the soundtrack that reflects your life as both individuals and as a couple.

In addition, we’ve seen a trend in choreographed dance routines during receptions. If your fiancé isn’t into a rehearsed first dance, partner up with your daddy for a choreographed father-daughter dance. If your wedding party is willing to break the ice, have them enter the reception as couples, finishing their entrance on the dance floor with a double-dutch routine or a free-style dance party. Whatever you decide to do, have fun with it and allow the music to move you! Your guests will appreciate your authenticity, and they’re sure to get down with you if you’re comfortable out on the dance floor first! 

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