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Walking, Eating, and Men in Black

My weekend in a nutshell.

Friday: A five-mile walk from the top of Mount Soledad, down to Windansea Beach, and back up. Next up, the last basketball game of my son’s JV season. They lost. But as the team captain, he was a leader like I’ve never seen him. More than his amazing assists and scoring, he was a mentch (a Yiddish word for a person with great integrity) and a joy to watch. I felt so proud.

The day ended with dinner at the Thai House on Convoy Street, (the best “Drunken Fish” in San Diego), then home to catch up on a week of Oprah.

Saturday: A morning walk with my friend Stephanie, one of our San Diego City Schools' under-paid teachers. 

A visit to my favorite shop, Capricorn Boutique, to look at her spring clothing...jumpers are going to be a hot item.

Later, the Twilight Ball, an annual event at the Hotel Del Coronado that raises money for Rady Children’s Hospital.  The highlights were meeting one of the most fashionable and beautiful women I’ve seen in a long time. I found out she was awarded Small Business Woman of the Year and as a result was invited to the White House to meet President Obama….I was really impressed. 

Next, I met up with my friend Alyss at the Fleming’s happy hour.  As there was nowhere to sit to eat, we had a drink and headed next door to Japengo.

Celebrating their 21st anniversary party with free sushi, break-dancers, guys on stilts and waayyyyyy too many single men, Japengo was a horrible freaking meat market.

My friend Alyss is a tall, busty, and naturally beautiful blond...which is great for me as her wing-woman because I can kind of disappear in the background and let her field the guys, but I’ve never hung out with anyone that gets that kind of attention. Men, women, and everyone in between—she smiles and they follow. 

Luckily, like me, after one drink and a plate of free sushi later, she was ready to go home.

My night ended with a bowl of popcorn and Funny Girl on Netflix—except that at 1 a.m. Alyss called to say that someone must have followed her back from Japengo. She had called security as a man with a black hat and “puffy ski-jacket” was ringing her doorbell…I told you she attracted too much attention. 

Sunday: A five-mile walk in the morning and a quiet dinner at home. 

Monday: Didn’t remember it was a holiday and scheduled a 9 a.m. interview with a new salon/boutique owner in the Gaslamp, and 2 more boutique owners in Cardiff. 

Rested in the afternoon, as I knew I was headed to the media party for the newly re-modeled Lips on El Cajon Boulevard.

I happily admit I love drag queens, maybe more than most people. I love the costumes, I love the music, it’s performance art, and let’s face it, it takes big balls to be a drag queen.

I had a blast. I love my job. Don't be a drag, just be a queen.