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Style Secrets of Parisian Women

What you can learn walking the streets of Paris

My trip to France and Italy has ended, and if I’ve learned anything, it’s that when it comes to European women and fashion, style starts young and doesn't end with old age.

But it’s not just the attention they pay to what they wear, but the way they carry themselves. There seems to be an inner strength matched with a confidence and true appreciation for femininity. They know what looks good on them.

The women don’t wear a lot of makeup (except usually a very red lipstick), they don’t seem to feel like they need super long hair to look sexy, they’re not afraid of looking their age, most are not over-weight—but not all are super skinny. They eat—carbs! They carry baguettes walking down the street, they smoke, they don’t always wear heels but shoes are usually pretty cool, and I didn’t see any surgical enhancements in two straight weeks.

I loved the Parisian women’s honesty, openness, and straight-forwardness, and I hope to emulate these qualities.

Here are a few pics of casual Paris fashion…