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Will San Diegans Ever Get On Board with the Scarf?

According to the women (and men!) of Paris, it's the perfect accessory.

I arrived in Paris last Thursday. The weather here has been unusually cool and rainy compared to the average hot and humid summer days.

But French people know how to adapt, and despite weather variances, they remain undaunted in their determination to stay fashionable.

One thing unites the people of Paris (in addition to their very serious and gruff demeanor, smoking addiction, and love of great food and wine): they all seem to wear scarves…the men, the women, and even the children!

I don’t mean the kind of knitted ski-scarf that keeps your neck warm, or large wrap or Pashmina women wear to upscale events, but another kind of scarf, worn in a way that can only be described as truly Parisian.

The scarf is the perfect accessory. It dresses up any outfit, and gives everyone an indescribable flair.

Here are some of the folks in the city of light, one squinting fashion writer, and one woman just too pretty for words.

 Have San Diegans fully embraced the scarf? Don't you think it's time we did?