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Nick Wooster: Neiman's Sartorial Superstar

This guy has major style. It's time to take notes.

Nick Wooster, the very suave, very hip, and very well-dressed Men’s Fashion Director for the Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman stores, arrived at Neiman Marcus Fashion Valley last week. He was there to partner his talents with Men Against Breast Cancer in a presentation-style fashion show of his spring looks for men.

A few hours before he pulled clothing for the presentation, Wooster (he doesn’t work with an assistant) sat down with me. The charming, dapper, Kansas born, tatted-up, sartorial super-star talked about what gives a man understated style, who he wears when not in a Neiman or Bergdorf item, spring 2011 essentials, and what color rocks his world.

SDM: What are your favorite looks right now?

NW: “Prepatary”—preppy mixed with military. Plaid shorts paired with a military-style Adirondack jackets, and boat shoes. This is the season of the Adirondack jacket—it’s military but not militant, and I love a creamy jean.

SDM: What are the essentials for men this spring?

NW: A perfect gray suit, a navy blazer, a brown crocodile belt, a pair of brown wing tip shoes, Ray ban aviator glasses, a blue and white oxford dress shirt—preferable with French cuffs—and a perfect pair of chinos. I’d also love to tell men that it’s okay to be a little rumpled...but not too much.

SDM: The silhouette this season seems small…almost making guys look as if their suit is too small. What’s up with that? And no socks?

NW: Men don’t have a lot of opportunities to be edgy. Wearing dress pants a little shorter than usual, or leaving the socks at home is not only comfy, but a little bit subversive as well.

SDM: Are you a fan of the cuff link?

NW: Yes! They’re the perfect accessories. From a diamond to a nut and bolt, they’re quintessential understated style.

SDM: Where do you shop when you’re not in a Neiman’s or Bergdorf’s?

NW: I love to shop. I shop wherever I am. My favorite place to be is in a store. I like J. Crew, Uniqlo in Soho for fast fashion and their Jill Saunders line, Confederacy in LA, and Odin in New York.

SDM: What’s really rocking your world this season?

NW: Shades of blue. Whether it’s a super classic navy or a Cobalt, blue looks great on every skin. I saw it all over the runway.

SDM: Thanks!

Men out there: Do you own Wooster’s spring essentials?

And ladies, what do you think about your man leaving his socks in the drawer?