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Maxis are the new Minis

I’m here to proclaim my endearing love for the maxi dress. It's comfy and flattering. What more does a girl need in a dress? 

The maxi style is not brand new, but this season it seems like these long and ankle brushing numbers are hotter than ever. The difference today is that you must wear these with flats! No exceptions! Even the very fancy ones.  

San Diego offers the perfect weather for maxi dresses. If it’s hot, then your legs get the breeze they need without the sunburn and if it’s June gloom or May gray, your legs are covered enough for that bit of extra warmth.




 H&M: A lovely steely gray and soft floral for $24.95






 This spaghetti-strap, frilly hemmed shift that comes in purple and blue is also available at H&M for $29.95





Nordstrom: The Winter Kate 'Harlequin' Chiffon Maxi Dress in orange for $285.00








 J. Crew: This great “Doria” maxi in Weathered Wood for $98.00





 Banana Republic: Monogram silk one-shoulder for $250.00





Do you wear the maxi style? I want to know what you think...